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Dude... I would have given you 10 on Graphics, but decapitating someone's grass is just freakin' mean. :(


wuv you! ^_^

Masquatto responds:

Haha, hey moose.

<3 etc. :}


That was the greatest anti-war movie ever. I liked how you started the triangles, but then just kind of ended the whole thing right there with silence and a "no" symbol.

Fuck you.

This wasn't a flash movie, it was a bunch of bullshit quotes played over patriotic music. Even if it weren't for the fact that this propaganda shit is completely untrue, there was no effort put into this pathetic excuse for a movie.

If you want to pull this kind of crap, hand out anti-Bush conspiracy flyers at school or something, but don't pollute a site about Flash animation with it.

For the record I hate Bush and I'm Canadian, but that doesn't mean your conspiracy theories are true. It just means you're stupid.

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Lordy, lordy!

Your games have not progressed a WHIT. The gameplay is the same as ever it was: madly hitting jump and clicking. The weapon system's design means that you quickly amass retarded amounts of weapons, making it impossible to effectively select anything decent without looking away from the "action" and wacthing as you cycle through pistol after crappy pistol.

Originality and gameplay are taking a backseat in Flash games, as they always have... people seem to focus on drawing the most realistic guns, or having the most costumes(thus sacrificing any hope of half-decent animation).

Shape up, man. Attempt to add some actual gameplay mechanics, like a new control scheme we haven't seen a billion times, or environment interactivity, or make a freakin' RTS or ANYTHING! ANYTHING I SAY!

This goes for all of you. :P

I've been wondering...

Did you perhaps have anything to do with the game "Gunbound"? Your characters in this game look almost exactly the same! And your system of buying upgrades is the same too. If you aren't actually one of the people who made Gunbound, I guess you at least inspired by it, eh?

Mousekliks responds:

Yeah, I'd say you've pretty much hit it. Playing GunBound allowed me to realize how possible it was to make custom wears without having to animate a whole bunch of stuff. So yes, GunBound was an inspiration in the customizing portion of the game.

Argh! Such wasted skills!

Look, other people have been complaining that it's just a demo. I'm going to say this: THIS GAME WOULD SUCK ASS EVEN IF IT WAS RELEASED.

Instead of making a "click-the-enemy" game that's been done 6,124,985 times before, use your AMAZING Swift 3d skills to do a movie. With good animation.

You're a classic case of "It's 3d! It must be awesome!" syndrome... 3d is nice, but only if you do it right. Scrap this shit game and use the 3d as the background art for a Flash movie, learn to animate frame-by-frame, and do a fight scene. Then, if that goes well, do a complete movie.

estedee responds:

used 3D Max and thanks for the nice comment mate!

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